Top 3 Gaming Chairs under 200 – Reviews and Buying Guide


If you are someone who spends a lot of time before the computer, then I am going to be your best friend as I do the same. Doctors say that our spine health should be as good as we play games. So, the good thing is that the top chair’s brands are making gaming chairs for badasses like you and me. Plus, we don’t have to spend a lot of money on these gaming chairs, right. Actually, we can get gaming chairs under 200 dollars.

So, are you ready to buy a gaming chair under $200? If yes, then let’s go. For you guys! I’ve considered some key features that are going to be very important while purchasing. Before we dive into them, let me give you a little knowledge about these chairs.

First off, chairs size, It is important to know that there are so many different types of chairs available for you. Second thing, what types of material these brands use in order to make a gaming chair. Third thing, what weight can a chair hold, in other words, chairs weight capacities. These three things take care of the comfort of your chair.

For gaming aficionados like you and me, we should also think of a wide angle of rotation, headrest (normal or adjustable), and backrest cushions. These things also matter a lot when it comes to spine health of our body.

Additionally, If you are rich like me, then we can expect some additional functions such as 180-degree rocking, pull-out footrest. If we buy a chair with these two additional functions – our chair would be the best in the world.

Top And Foremost 3 Gaming Chairs Under $200 Review For 2020

Guys, one more thing I want to add here is that I have reviewed many of the best gaming chairs under $200 available on the market so that I can help you in finding the perfect one for you as per your requirement. However, I spent hours testing these machines on my own. So, I am ready to share the best budget gaming chairs with you.

The following table has my three favorite gaming chairs for you. Plus, I also include some pros and cons with user’s and my ratings moreover, if you time to read my guide with FAQ sections that would be great as I’ve covered everything for you in order to buy a new gaming chair.

So let’s see my verdict on my top three gaming chairs under $200.

Devoko ErgonomicGTRACING OfficeRemaxe Large
Image best gaming chair under $200 best gaming chair under $200 Best Gaming Chair Under $200
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Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair – Best Overall Gaming Chair under $200

best gaming chair under $200
  • Material: Carbon fiber leather
  • Dimensions: 5×21.5×54 inches
  • Swivel rotation: 360 degree
  • Lumber Support pillow: Yup
  • Weight Capacity: 330 lbs
  • Warranty: Six months

Let’s start with its design. Yes, the design of the chair is out of this world. This is one of the top gaming chairs, Devoko has designed, that looks beautiful and premium. Plus, it comes under 200 bucks.

The material, which this chair is made of, is synthetic carbon fiber leather. That’s is why it has to be durable and more comfortable. If you live in the USA, you might know that Synthetic carbon fiber leather is better than faux leather, and gives it a nice look.

If you are tall like me, then this chair is made for you as it has an extra-tall backrest with adjustable seat height. For your comfort, the chair is providing you high-cushion lumber with neck pads, which can be adjustable. Meaning, you are free to adjust them up and down as per your height.

Additionally, we also get plastic casters when it comes to rolling around the chair. I can hold a fat badass easily up to 330 pounds without any problem. It also includes swivels 360 degrees with adjustable backrest, which we can tilt from 90 degrees to 180 degrees.

Like a good reviewer, it is also my duty to tell you missing feature that is armrests – even though they exist, not adjustable. Plus, a 6-month of limited warranty. Other than that, this is best in terms of everything.

Pros & Cons

I Like:

  • Material is great; they used Synthetic Carbon fiber leather.
  • The adjustability of the chair is awesome.
  • It also features an extra-tall backrest for tall people like me.
  • Its customer service is top of the line; they are available 24/7 for you.

I Don’t Like:

  • I wish it had adjustable armrests.

GTRACING Gaming Office Chair – Ideal for Adjustability

best gaming chair under $200
  • Material: Normal clean leather with metal frame.
  • Dimensions: 6×27.6×52.4 inches
  • Swivel rotation: 360 degrees
  • Pillow: Lumber & Headrest
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Warranty: 1 year

Please, guys, don’t say that you haven’t heard this word GT racing before. Lol, if you are gamer, then you might know about this popular game.

Let’s come to the point and GTRACING gaming chair. If you love GT racing, then you also love this chair as it comes with some great features and functions. One of them is its swivel rotation, we can easily rock forth and back. Plus, we can lower it from all the way down to up (90 degrees to 170 degrees). It actually helps to a lazy person like me who keeps on taking a nap while playing games.

The GTRACING also takes care of our spinal by adjusting backrest and headrest. Unlike the previous one, this one allows us to adjust its armrest’s height. So, are you happy now, you tall guys?

The material it is made of is PU leather. Believe me or not guys, this chair smells better than your girlfriend when it arrives first time at your home. Plus, it is quite durable and takes only a couple of minutes to clean. The five strongest wheeled based chair mount holds this chair very easily. So, are you ready to roll around everywhere with it?

Unlike Devoko, this chair comes with a 1-year of warranty, which is impressive.

Pros & Cons

I Like:

  • Tall badass fat people can easily fit in.
  • The adjustability of the chair is beyond expectations.
  • Rotation is awesome, easily rocks forth and back.

I Don’t Like:

  • Assembling the chair is a bit tricky.

Remaxe Large Size Computer Gaming Chair – Best Gaming Chair For Massage

best gaming chair under $200
  • Material: Tubular steel, plastic, PU leather.
  • Dimensions: 8×12.6×25.2 inches
  • Swivel rotation: 360 degrees
  • Pillow: Lumber & Headrest
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Warranty: 12-months

Who doesn’t like massage, hmm? What if you get stimulating massage while playing our favorite games? Don’t worry! No human needed, Remaxe gaming chair will do it for you. I was shocked when I tried it for the first time. This chair can be a nice option under $200. Lumber pad is equipped with this massage function.

I don’t know, but you can’t expect this feature from any cheap gaming chair. I’ve tried many expensive gaming chairs where the entire back of the chair vibrates.

The second good thing about this chair is its footrest, which we can recline according to our needs. So, we can have a nap while gaming. Just like footrest, the headrest and lumbar pillows are also adjustable, plus the chair is completely covered with a cushion that takes the sitting experience to the next level.

When it comes to steering, it has five rolling casters, which are safe and quiet. You don’t even feel like something is rolling on the floor.

The last thing about Remaxe is its customer support. No doubt! They help you out without asking much. Unlike Devoko, It comes with a one-year limited warranty on its parts with 30-days money back guarantee.

Pros & Cons

I Like:

  • My favorite integrated massager.
  • We can extend and recline its footrest.
  • Fully adjustable with some other great functionality.

I Don’t Like:

  • Sometimes I feel that its armrest is a bit narrow.

Buying Guide

I know that I’ve shared top three gaming chairs under $200 with you. But, here is the deal, guys. How do you decide which one is perfect for you? I don’t know, but I want your chair long last until you die. Now, you might be thinking that how will it possible? I know it is not possible, yet we can buy a gaming chair which atleast suits your needs and your back.

So, I’ve decided to give you a definitive buying guide so that you can understand the benefits of buying a gaming chair. Plus, I’ll also include some FAQs in order to know a gaming chair’s features and how they work. So, are you ready to find the perfect gaming chair?

Let’s start with the benefits of buying a gaming chair?

Being a gamer, I know what happened after playing games for more than twelve hours in a single sitting. Our neck, back, and joints start talking with each other. Oops, who can forget stiffness either? So, the only solution is a gaming chair, right?

You won’t believe, but I spent most of my time in a static position for hours, every day. That’s why I decided to buy a gaming chair, which can reduce such health issues, including lower back pain, neck, joints, and other body pains since these gaming chairs are designed ergonomically, so no pain at all.

One of the best benefits of a gaming chair is its design; companies manufacture these chairs keeping gamers in mind, obviously. You can notice that these types of chairs designed as per our lower back. Additionally, gaming chairs offer some other features such as a headrest, footrest, neck cushions, and many more. Basically, all the features are made to prevent you from severe pain.

So, if these pains don’t come across us, meaning we can play better than ever. Plus, we can improve our gaming experience with any of the gaming chairs I included on our list. For instance, As you know, better gaming requires a better sound, right? Here is the thing, these manufacturers built speakers into the headrest, which gives us surround sound effect.

I don’t think that we should compare a gaming chair with any normal computer chair. As you know, traditional chairs used to take much space than modern chairs. These gaming chairs use a material that can be easily wiped and cleaned.

What Features Do You Need To Consider In Order To Buy The best Gaming Chair?

I think we should also discuss some of the important features of a gaming chair. However, it is already clear that gaming chairs look awesome and prevent you from injuries after a long gaming session.

Dimensions and Weight

Dimensions and weight, no doubt, have to be the essential factors when it comes to buying any chair. I am talking about the overall area which a normal chair takes, whether it is a back size or armrests’ width and length. The point is all play a crucial role and determine the chair’s comforts. So the sizing of a chair becomes more important for taller people like me who keep on facing issues like stiffness and cramped.

I would suggest you that measure and match your body dimensions to the chair that you’re going to buy. However, the area where you’ll be putting your chair matters too. It is better to know that a small chair can be put away easily. Moreover, If you think that your home doesn’t have that much of good space, then make sure you choose a chair that can be folded easily and when the time comes, you can reassemble it again.

Rotation Angle and Wheels:

Everyone loves to move around in a chair. For instance, if you are some who do multiple tasking or have multiple workstations in your room, then you can move among them with ease. Here the wheels play a big role, and very important to check them. However, modern gaming chairs come with 360 degrees rotation, which is actually not a basic feature. In other words, if your chair allows you to move around between your multiple desks, you can simply enhance your work and productivity without getting bored.

Weight Capacity:

If you are a pro gamer who spends most of the time on the chair, the weight capacity becomes a very important factor to consider. A normal chair can hold weight up to 250 pounds, whereas modern gaming chairs can hold weight up to 300 pounds, depending on the brand. So, make sure your desired chair can hold you up; otherwise, you will fail with your chair.

Backrest and Headrest cushions:

Backrest and Headrest cushions are common features that you might see in every gaming chair. However, every human body is different with different body structure, meaning the design of the chair determines the comforts. Measuring your body and matching it with the chair is the only solution you can try. Moreover, the cushions should be adjustable.

Additional Functions:

Guys, It is as clear as crystal, the more money we spend, the more feature we get, right? However, I’ve used some very expensive chairs (more than $1000) too. Those expensive chairs are quite different than traditional chairs we see in our daily life; manufacturers keep on changing chairs’ design and improving them day by day.

And pull-out footrest is one of the extra features you can go with. It is important for a long game session as it allows positioning your legs as per your needs. You might have noticed that sometimes we feel numbness in our legs, it happens due to poor blood circulation.

Other features such as speakers, wireless connection, vibrating massager, and many more are also very helpful while playing games. Not only provide you with good gaming experience but also beneficial for your health. However, you can expect these features from the best gaming chair, not from a normal one. It is all up to you whether these features are important to you or not. If your budget allows, then I suggest you try one out.


The warranty has always been a key factor when you buy anything, whether it is a gaming chair or any gaming equipment. Some chairs offer a 6-months of warranty, and some more than one year, depending on the brand and the chair. Plus, some brands also provide 30 days money back guarantee. Moreover, some chairs’ manufacturers provide extended lifetime warranties on the chairs’ metal frame.

FAQ: Common Questions and Answers

Why some chairs smell very bad?

Ans. It is the most common issue, or complaint people keep on doing. Actually, it all happens due to using cheap faux leather. I still remember my first gaming chair, which used to smell very bad because of the material. An only solution is to buy a chair which has very few plastic parts, or you can go with high-quality leather such as synthetic carbon leather.

The second thing you can do is to check reviews for the chair you intend to buy. If someone says that they’re having smell issues with the chair, then don’t buy.

Is the durability of the chair important? How to find the best durable chair?

The durability of the chair is very important as it decides the age of your gaming chair, or how long will it last. Durability depends on the frame of the chair. However, if you are buying under $200 gaming chair, then you might get a lifetime warranty on the frame since these gaming chair made of steel frames, which are strong, heavy, and unbreakable too. So, you don’t need to think of a lifetime warranty.

What chair is perfect for teenagers?

It is a very common question; it depends on the size of the chair. A gaming chair can be too long for your kids. So, better to measure the height and length of your teenager so that you can get a suitable gaming chair.

Final Verdict:

I’ve already shared my favorite gaming chair under $200. If you didn’t read the entire post, then let me tell you the Devoko Ergonomic Gaming chair is my pick for 2020. However, the rest are also good in terms of advanced features such as lumbar pads, headrests, and footrests,

In my opinion, the Devoko is an overall best gaming chair under $200; it won’t give you any bad smell as it is made of premium synthetic carbon leather. From adjustability to the comfort of the chair, Devoko would be best for you. The other two GTRACING and Remaxe also good, where Remaxe has an integrated vibrating massage pillow.

Choose as per your needs. I hope the guide I’ve shared with would be helpful for you. However, if you think that something is missing, or can be added. I would love to improve my article. Please comment below and let’s help other people help in finding the best gaming chair under 200 bucks.

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